A Wiccan 13-Step Path

by two unnamed Witches 1

1. We admit that we have a problem with _____, and NOW is the moment to reclaim our Will and Balance. 2

2. We come to believe that the Goddess and Magick, outside and within, can restore our Balance and Will, so that we may feel whole again. 3

3. We will become open to receiving help from the Goddess, and from others who want to understand.

4. We name the Darkness and the Light; the weaknesses and the strengths, within us, and recognize where they have become disruptive; we realize that ______ cannot fill our void or restore our Balance.

5. We seek to restore Balance, and learn to let go of that which disrupts us.

6. We make a list of ways we have acquiesced to oppression and repression, and how this has caused us to harm ourselves and others.

7. We will say NO to these oppressive and repressive ways, and attempt to live in Balance.

8. We become open to change, and realize that it is necessary to cultivate patience.

9. Having experienced these changes, we continually seek Balance in our lives through our connection with the Web of Life.

10. We continue to be conscious of our Will, our actions and our thoughts; acknowledging our mistakes, and enjoying our successes.

11. We use the events life brings us as lessons for growth, and accept our mistakes as part of life.

12. We believe that we are doing the best that we can, in the Now, and this is enough.

13. We accept ourselves the way we are, trust ourselves, and deeply realize that health, happiness, freedom and love are Her rituals.

1. The authors choose to remain unnamed at least in part since they feel that their own current inertia in these matters renders their own need for credit trivial. These steps are listed as suggestions based on the spirit of Charlotte Kasl's 16-step program; use or adapt at will.

2. Fill in the blank yourself. Alcoholism, or simply any facet of one's life one has difficulties dealing with.

3. The words in Step 2 and Step 3, "the Goddess" may be substituted with "the gods", or with the name of any specific divinity. Indeed, the steps can be adapted for just about any spiritual persuasion.

Stepping Through to Recovery, by Anodea Judith (4 pages)

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