Candledark Internet Solutions

The Candledark Difference

Tom Burden
Co-Founder and Owner


People matter. People are the driving force for what we do, and they are the driving force doing it. We understand that our customers are people, not conceptual, not numbers on a balance sheet. Whether it is a customer, a business partner, or someone working here, everyone gets treated with respect and courtesy. In sales, customer service, and billing, there is only one rule - do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.

At Candledark Internet Solutions, we are dedicated to our clients' and their online endeavors. We are specialists in small & medium business and personal web hosting. In our opinion, a host that doesn't specialize in something always seems to have no sense of direction. We do not run misleading sales, we have no gimmicks, no hidden fees, no tricks. We don't want them, and we're sure you don't either.

We provide everyone the same top-notch service. You never talk to a computer with us, but a real life, flesh and blood person. Just when did talking to a person become a luxury, anyway? Everyone is always treated with respect and all information is provided in a simple, forthright manner. We put the same exacting detail into the services we provide, working hard, and smart, to maintain a best-in-class server network to handle our clients needs. Because we know, if the roles were reversed, we'd want the same.

We just happen to provide excellent web hosting. Come join the team that believes in you, your dreams, and will see to your needs - not our bottom line.


Our Core Values

Certain values are deeply ingrained into the Candledark culture, that are exhibited on all levels of operation. These are the core of who we are, and what we do.


Power to the People

At Candledark the customer doesn't come first - people do. Our customers and our team are people, and both are equally important. Our team members have the training and authority to do their jobs. Very rare do support or customer service calls have to be handed off to a manager, or escalated up a convoluted tier support structure. The person you started with can handle it on their own, otherwise why would we have them on our team? Our empowered team allows our clients to create the best websites they can, all the while knowing we've got their back.


Burning For You

We strive to meet the needs of our clients any way we can. We don't have a manuals we follow, sticking to a well scripted process when dealing with customer service or support concerns. We do what is needed, and that often times goes beyond a set procedure handed down by corporate. Such things are for other companies that don't trust their employees to do it right. We do what's needed, even if it's outside our area of expertise. We've even been known to help fix issues with OTHER hosts for customers switching to another company.

Never will you hear us say something is "out of the realm of our service". Until an account is closed, we'll twist ourselves into knots to see you get the best service you can. It's what we'd expect, it's what we give.


Speak and be Heard

Everyone on our team has a voice, and we expect them to use it. Our company culture is built on communication and collaboration. We believe in it so much, we've even collaborated on projects with customers! We listen to everyone, and we want to hear from them, too.

The only thing we don't listen to, or discuss, is gossip. We don't have time for it, and don't need it dragging our personal and professional lives down.


The Flame of Truth

No one at Candldark is a politician or lawyer, so we can speak freely and honestly with each other, and with you - and we do. Often we speak so plainly to our customers that they're astonished by it. We've got no problem admitting when we tripped over the server power cord, mistiped a word on the website, or forgot to reply to an email. Likewise, we don't sugar coat our interactions with our clients. We say it like it is. There simply is no better way to build trust, and it shows with great customers that have been with us since our founding in 1999. In an industry where people change hosts as often as they change their motor oil, clients with Candledark have been with us an average of 9 years. What more needs to be said?